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LuMage Properties

LuMage Properties does the hard updating work many buyers don’t want, and when completed, buyers look for.

904 Harrington - June, 2022
Current active listing – 903 Harrington Street, Beaufort, SC 29902 is a vacant lot in the Northwest Quadrant of Historic Beaufort, SC. It is one of the largest lots in the historic district…more details.

LuMage Properties

Residential or Site Renovations Don't Have to Be Complicated.

They Should Be Smart; Maximizing Interior and Exterior Space, Extend Hidden Potentials & Providing Modern Day Amenities.

Lasting a Lifetime.

921 NE 27th St - Pool
Excelling in Interior & Exterior Upgrades that Adds Value for the Owner!
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LuMage Properties, LLC
Maximizing Properties to their Fullest Potential

LuMage Properties buys properties that need to be improved. Those properties that have the capability to become more than what was thought they could ever be. LuMage Properties has proven we have that vision as our buyers have never regretted purchasing our property transformations.

Our Recent

Recent & Currently Completed Properties

Our projects have been successfully completed in both Florida and South Carolina. Our greatest accomplishment is that within 2-3 years of ownership by each of our buyers, they not only enjoyed their properties, but gained well over 6 figures in appreciated equity. The properties were enhanced that well.

Every Space Count
Every Property improved

Why Choose Our Properties


Even before LuMage Properties purchases a property to renovate, their concept is clear, to improve the property to current lifestyle needs and maximize every inch of space for efficient use with entertainment and relaxation in mind.


Each property is permitted to code for each facet of the upgrades. LuMage Properties researches and complies with town or city coding requirements to protect the buyer. Surveys and drawings are professionally acquired for the buyer.

Interior Space

The changes LuMage Properties makes is having the buyers needs and wants in mind. Improving items such as electrical, plumbing, A/C and more. But also adding modern day features that keeps the old home charm but adding modern luxury.

Return On Investment

While LuMage Properties only purchases properties that fit the concepts we want to implement, the overall cost is evaluated to ensure that it is cost-effective, yet postitions the buyer to possibly acquire further value in their purchase within a short time.

Exterior Space

The exterior of each property is improved based on the area, landscape and needs of the particular lot. Privacy is added with a fence or proper plants and trees. Porches, pavers, walkways are added. Electrical and plumbing are strategically added.

Contact Us

LuMage Properties normally has at least one property on the market or shortly about to enter the market, whether it is a residential property or a lot/vacant land. Contact us if you would like to be notified of any property that may be available soon.


What Our Clients Say

LuMage Properties are improved so well that clients not only are very happy with the purchase, but in all cases their purchase in a relatively short time gave them a large equity return in their investment.​

"We weren't looking for a house as we loved our condo, but saw an Open House sign and went to see the home. It was a Saturday.
We were so impressed with the renovation, we came back the following day and we bought the home the day after that. We thought we overpaid, but it was so well done we had equity in it within 6 months. The open floor concept that was implemented by taking out the original walls is what impressed us as we love to entertain."
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Oliver and Richard - Wilton Manors
"I saw the home online and was impressed with the changes made from the original. I loved how the third bedroom was taken out to increase the great room and how it added to the view of the back porch and pool that ran down the back. With the change the kitchen was in a great position to prepare meals yet entertain at the same time. The tropical foliage that was planted running along the installed privacy fence that surrounded the property was impressive."
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Ben and Nia - Ft. Lauderdale
"I was looking for a single family luxury home to put on the vacation rental market. The seller had everything, the permits, the architectural drawings, the survey, the images verifying the work, and especially the floorplan that was changed. Walls were knocked down to open up spacing and add closet space unseen in an old Florida home. The chef's kitchen was moved from the front of the house to the back where there was a panoramic view of the pool and palm trees that lined the private wooden fence. The home was a 4/2, but the floorplan was changed to make it a 3/3 and a-half, each bedroom having it's own bathroom! It was listed at $780k and I paid full price despite the appraised value coming in under $675k. But it was so well done, the home is now valued over $1M and rental income is $14,000 per month!"
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Simone and Chris - Pompano Beach

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